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Celebrate the Cancer Survivors in Your Life This Sunday

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Cancer Survivors Day is This Sunday

Cancer survivors are our loved ones, neighbors, friends, and partners who are dealt some of the scariest diagnoses and who endure the challenges that follow. Has a loved one of yours ever been diagnosed with cancer? More than one of mine has, and I remember the feeling that it elicited–a strange mix of sadness and anxiety. I was young when those family members were diagnosed, but old enough to know they were fighting tremendous emotional and physical battles each day. On the first Sunday in June each year, we celebrate the resilience and strength of people like these with National Cancer Survivors Day. Let’s learn a little more about this important holiday.

About National Cancer Survivors Day

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The holiday we’ll celebrate this Sunday was started with one man’s passion: Merrill Hastings. Merrill was many things, including an Air Force and Army Veteran, a long-celebrated skier, and the founder of several newspapers and magazines.

In 1948, his wife, Priscilla, was diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis inspired Merrill to found the magazines Cope and Coping. The magazines were geared toward oncologists and cancer survivors, respectively. Then, in 1986, Merrill announced the first National Cancer Survivors Day at the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. The first instance of the holiday was recognized on June 5th, 1987. Now, 2024 marks the 38th annual celebration!


NCSD is all about celebrating life and rallying for more research, resources, and awareness to support cancer survivors. Organized by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, it’s a day filled with inspiration and a reminder of the ongoing efforts needed to improve the lives of those who have battled cancer.

This special day brings together everyone who has a history of cancer, including those who are still battling their disease. So, this includes over 18 million survivors in the U.S. alone. It’s a time to connect, celebrate milestones, and honor the support systems that have helped along the way.

Cancer Awareness

NCSD aims to bring awareness to not just survivors and their personal and financial hardships but also their ailments and long-term complications.

Over the last thirty years, modern medicine has made incredible strides in cancer survival. More people are living many years after their initial diagnosis, and the risk of dying from cancer has incrementally gone down.

Despite that, the actual number of cancer cases is rising. In the U.S. alone, it’s projected that we’ll see nearly 5,500 cancer diagnoses each day in 2024. And diagnoses for younger people are more prevalent than ever. So, even though people are living much longer lives after their cancer diagnosis, young people live for many more years with the after-effects of their illnesses and treatment. These hardships don’t even include factors like the huge financial burden of medical care, interpersonal relationship strains, and anxiety over the potential recurrence of their illness.

So, one of the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation’s missions is to provide resources and support for survivors worldwide.

How YOU Can Celebrate!

Various events and activities will take place across the United States and around the world, including parades, walks, health fairs, support group meetings, and educational workshops. Hospitals, cancer treatment centers, support groups, and advocacy organizations usually organize these events. However, if you want to organize a celebration, the NCSD website provides step-by-step instructions for getting started! If you want to make a donation to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, check out their support page here.

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